High Fidelity Computational Fluid Dynamics

XFLOW CFD Multifluid & Multiphysics Fluid Dynamics to predict transient dynamic behaviour of fluids

Why Choose XFLOW?

XFLOW represents the next generation in CFD solution technologies. Moving beyond the Navier-Stokes equation and traditional meshing, XFLOW is based on the Lattice Boltzman approach, and being particle based requires no invovled meshing processes. Being free from the constraints imposed on conventional CFD codes, XFLOW readily handles moving geometries and free surfaces.


XFLOW Benefits

  • Its automatic lattice generation and adaptive refinement capabilities minimize user inputs thereby reducing time and effort in the meshing and pre-processing phase.
  • With XFLOW’s discretization approach, surface complexity is also not a limiting factor. The underlying lattice can be controlled with a small set of parameters; the lattice is tolerant to the quality of the input geometry and adapts to the presence of moving parts.
  • Advanced rendering capabilities provide realistic visualization to gain deeper insight into flow and thermal performance.
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