Topology and Shape Optimization Software

The TOSCA optimization suite provides fast and powerful structural and flow optimization solutions based on FEA and CFD simulations. TOSCA optimization suite consists of two products: TOSCA Structure is for optimized structural designs, and TOSCA Fluid provides optimized fluid flow design concepts.

Stuctural & CFD topology optimization

  • Structural topology

  • A flexible, modular software system for non-parametric structural optimization that provides topology, shape and bead optimization using industry standard finite element solvers like ANSYS, ABAQUS FEA, and MSC Nastran.

  • Fluid topology

  • Virtual topology tools available to simply geometry to prevent unnecessary details and repair sliver faces or small gaps and imperfect surfaces.

  • Integration with SIMULIA portfolio

  • TOSCA Structure can be combined with ABAQUS FEA, fe-safe and ISIGHT. That is the power of the SIMULIA portfolio.


Durability Analysis Software for Finite Element Models

Industry is putting increasing pressure on manufacturers to use less material to deliver lightweight but stronger components, lower warranty and recall costs and all in less time.

Many companies use advanced finite element analysis to calculate design stresses, but the fatigue analysis is often still done by manually picking stress points for spreadsheet analysis. This is time-consuming and unreliable because it is easy to miss failure locations.

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