Multi body simulation

Simulating transient non-linear system behavior with flexible bodies

SIMPACK is a general multibody simulation software which enables you to simulate the non-linear motion of any mechanical or mechatronic systems. With SIMPACK you can generate and solve virtual 3D models in order to predict and visualize motion, coupling forces and stresses.

SIMPACK Advantages


Investigate extreme transient phenomena within all application fields

    • Gear changing
    • Emergency breaking
    • Loss of contact

Consider any external influences on the system

    • Ground disturbances
    • Aerodynamic


Take internal dynamics and control into account

SIMPACK simulation software is particularly well-suited for high frequency transient analyses, even into the acoustic range. SIMPACK was primarily developed to handle complex nonlinear models with flexible bodies and harsh shock contact.


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Main Features

Improve Product Quality Allow innovative concepts to be tested. Explore numerous design variations prior to physical prototyping. Optimise full system performance by performing "what-if?" studies. Design for durability. Test under extreme conditions, to failure if necessary, to establish boundaries.

Fast Multi-Body Analysis SIMPACK is faster than its closest rival with high accuracy and reliability while being user friendly. SIMPACK also fits perfectly into the CAE environments of CAD, FEA and CACE systems (Matlab Simulink).

Reduce Cost & Time Reduce the number of physical prototypes required, Analyse design changes quickly without prototyping, Avoid costly late revisions, Avoid the need to modify test physical instrumentation, fixtures and procedures, Reduced physical testing.

Reduce Risk Uninterupted prototyping in a virtual environment unaffected by physical conditions, Feed back improved design information quickly and effectively during the development phase, Understand system performance in both normal and extreme operating conditions, Enable prototyping to failure to assess modes without physical risk.

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