Computational Fluid Dynamics Simulation Software Improving Product Design & Development



Linear and nonlinear analysis including geometric, material, and contact nonlinearities.
Material models for metals, composites, human tissue, rubber, thermoplastics, and more
Material fracture and failure
Robust contact capabilities
High-performance computing


Pre- and post-processing, simplification and advanced meshing.


Import and create 2D and 3D geometry

The interface enables you to set-up your own 2D or 3D geometry from scratch, or read in many common 3D files to perform your simulations on.


Simplify and repair imported geometry

Virtual topology tools available to simply geometry to prevent unnecessary details and repair sliver faces or small gaps and imperfect surfaces.


Advanced meshing

Apply free meshing, structured meshing, sweep meshing and bottom-up meshing, creating partitions and use of many tet and hex elements.


User friendly pre- and post-processing

Setting up your simulations, applying multi step approaches, and interpreting results with a powerful and user friendly interface.

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