Fatigue Analysis Software

Durability for Finite Element models with direct interfaces to all leading FEA suites

  • Accurate multiaxial strain based FE-SAFE calculations for your realistic fatigue life predictions

  • A standalone solution which can be used with ABAQUS FEA, Nastran, Pro-Engineer, SDRC-Ideas and Ansys

  • A user friendly interface to read in and combine different loads from your Finite Element Model

  • Predict fatigue for your combined random vibration loading for metals and non-metals like rubber

Output to FEA: A wide range of results in a single run.


  • Contours of fatigue life show crack initiation site
  • Contours of stress-based factors of strength for a specified design life
  • Probability of survival for specified lives (the ‘warrantycurve’)
  • Which loads need to be included in a test program
  • Contour plots of maximum stress during loading
  • Detailed results – time histories of stresses and strain, Haigh and Smith diagrams, Dang Van plots and many more
  • Damage at the critical location from each loading block
  • Vector plots identifying critical damage planes

Durability Analysis Software for Finite Element Models


Industry is putting increasing pressure on manufacturers to use less material to deliver lightweight but stronger components, lower warranty and recall costs and all in less time. Many companies use advanced finite element analysis to calculate design stresses, but the fatigue analysis is often still done by manually picking stress points for spreadsheet analysis. This is time-consuming and unreliable because it is easy to miss failure locations.

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