Managed DSLS


What is Managed DSLS?

Managed DSLS stands for Managed Dassault Systémes Licensing Service.

With Managed DSLS, a customer no longer needs a physical machine to install the Dassault Systémes License Server (DSLS).

Dassault Systémes hosts and maintains the licensing service from one of its secured datacenters. The DS License Server is hosted and managed by Dassault Systémes via a failover cluster comprising three cluster members.

Client machines authorized by the customer access the licensing service remotely through a web interface using a login and a password. Those machines can be located either on customer’s premises or in other places under the terms of the “Teleworking” conditions.

An administrator from the customer may access an online Managed DSLS console to further secure and monitor the access to the software licenses. This is granted through an OML (Online Licensing Service) authentication file internally to authorize a client machine on customer’s premises to access the DSLS hosted by Dassault Systémes.

What are the Advantages of Managed DSLS?

The Managed licensing service provides several advantages to customers, such as:

  1. Convenience: With Managed DSLS, customers no longer need to worry about setting up and maintaining their license server. Dassault Systémes takes care of everything, including keys enrollment, server hardware, software, and maintenance. This service frees customers from the burden of managing their own servers, which can be costly and time-consuming.

  2. Flexibility: Managed DSLS provides customers with the flexibility to access their license server remotely. Customers can connect to their license server from anywhere, at any time, as long as they have an internet connection.

  3. Scalability: Managed DSLS allows customers to easily scale their license server as their business grows. Customers can increase or decrease the number of licenses they need, depending on their current demand, without worrying about the server sizing. This scalability feature makes Managed DSLS a cost-effective solution for businesses that experience fluctuations in their license usage.


Academic customers are not eligible to use Managed DSLS.

Commercial customers are eligible to use Managed DSLS given the below conditions are met:

  1. The commercial customer must have his licenses in “active” support/maintenance (i.e., active ALC – Annual Licensing Charge). If the support of a license is not renewed, the corresponding Managed DSLS keys will be disabled, and Customer will have to request a key for his local DS License Server.

  2. Managed DSLSDSLS on-premise
    Commercial License with support
    Commercial License without support
  3. The eligible Releases are (the list is dynamic and may not be fully exhaustive):

    • From V5-6R2018 (GA)

    • From 3DEXPERIENCE R2018 (GA)

    • 3DEXPERIENCE R2017X (FD02)

    • 3DEXPERIENCE R2016X (FD08)

  4. Pass the technical eligibility criteria:

  5. BandwidthLatencyPacket Loss
    Qualified Platform > 16 MB/s < 120 MB/s < 1 %
    Compatible Platform > 4 MB/s < 350 MB/s < 1 %
    Incompatible Platform > 4 MB/s < 350 MB/s > 1 %

    The latency to Paris (in ms) can be determined using this Microsoft tool

    and run the following command: psping -q -i 0


Managed DSLS offers many benefits to customers who use Dassault Systémes software, including remote access to licensing services and increased flexibility for clients' authorized machines. It eliminates the need for physical machines to host the DSLS and provides additional security and monitoring through an online console. For eligible customers, Managed DSLS can greatly improve licensing management and streamline access to software licenses.

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