Introducing the Electromagnetics Engineer Role


The Electromagnetics Engineer Role | What Packages?

The Electromagnetics Engineer Role is a role offered in the 3DEXPERIENCE Platform. It is offered in two of the packages introduced to the 3DEXPERIENCE Edu Portfolio: The 3DEXPERIENCE Engineer package, and The Simulation Engineer package.

Typically, either of the packages can be offered depending on the requirements of the client. The 3DEXPERIENCE Engineer package is oriented towards a broad range of requirements, including Engineering Design and PLM, but if heavy simulations are needed, then The Simulation Engineer package is typically advised, as it also includes simulation solutions towards other fields such as structures and more.


The Electromagnetics Engineer Role | Why Now?

Now, you are probably wondering at this point and asking yourself “Why is there a shift from the traditional and legacy solutions to integrating everything with the platform in a role manner?”, and the answer to that question is in fact quite simple. It is because of today’s requirements of developing new technologies and products, where the product passes through multiple departments with different disciplines until it reaches its manufacturing stage, and even then, it still passes through different departments as well.

This means that it is essential to have a uniformed platform that not only does integrate all solutions related all of these involved disciplines and engineers for each technology or product, but also for it to have a single source of truth to ensure that models each individual is working on, is the latest and updated model.

Further, with the latest interest on sustainability, and engineering compliances, more and more disciplines are being introduced that need to be involved in the development process of these products, and this is especially important for cases that include the interference of medical disciplines to ensure safety compliances as well, which could be seen in medical equipment and wearable technologies such as smart watches and headphones.


The Electromagnetics Engineer Role | What you get?

Another question that might pop on your head is “What exactly do I get with this role?”, so not only is that The Electromagnetics Engineer Role comes in a package that includes way more, but the role itself gives you the “CST Studio Suite Connected”, which is essentially a CST version that is directly integrated into the 3DEXPERIENCE Platform. It allows you to consume parametric design data directly from the platform and run CST in the connected mode.


The connected mode allows you to download and install CST locally on your machine, but for it to be licensed and launched from the platform. This means that the traditional and tedious way of installing CST is now over, and installing CST is a click of a button away from you!


The Electromagnetics Engineer Role | What is it?

So now that we know why this change is being introduced, and what exactly we are getting, let us hop into what exactly it is. The Electromagnetics Engineer Role is Dassault Systèmes’ take on electromagnetic solutions. It basically allows for simulations of electromagnetic waves, propagations, gains, losses, signal strengths, s-parameters, and much more. Additionally, not only does it help engineers and students to design devices, but also positions them to have the most optimum communication and detection performance. Further, it covers all the different fields of electromagnetics, from microwaves and radio frequencies to electromagnetic compatibility and interference, includes particle dynamics, and low/ high frequencies as well, covering the entire band range.


The Electromagnetics Engineer Role | Demonstration

Now, we have just recently hosted a webinar where not only did we talk about the entire 3DEXPERIENCE Edu solution for academia, but also dove into the Electromagnetics Engineer Role, and presented a demonstration on how to do it. You can find below the webinar uploaded on YouTube. Enjoy!

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Mohammed Zourob

Application Engineer

Mohammed holds a Bachelor's in Electrical Engineering and an MBA. His expertise lies in power and renewable energy, electromagnetic simulations, and product life cycle management.